Advice from the Past

As you start to plan summer adventures, it can seem like the world is at your feet. Just the same, the Safety Harbor Museum would like to remind you to travel and play safely. So, for this edition of Advice from the Past, we present you with some fire-themed Safety Slogans to live by from the Safety Harbor Herald.

Almost in honor of the fire that destroyed Safety Harbor’s Main Street, we could all stand to be reminded that…

“Picnic fires are lots of fun, but put them out when you are done.”

After all it is your patriotic duty to remember that…

“You don’t need to be in the army to protect your country; put out that camp fire.”

Wasn’t it Smokey the Bear that said…

“Fire controlled is friend indeed, uncontrolled, a terrible fiend.”

NOPE! It was the Safety Harbor Herald! Nonetheless, we all have a responsibility to stop forest fires (and Safety Harbor fires) so remember…

“Smokers, be careful where you throw those stubs, and don’t be classed with arson dubs.”

After all…

“Fire – its cure is costly, its prevention cheap.”

So remember to let the heat come from the sun rather than a raging fire so that we can avoid rebuilding the city AGAIN!

This Advice from the Past was brought to you by the March 7th, 1930 edition of the Safety Harbor Herald.


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