Advice from the Past

If April showers bring May flowers,

then August brings a new school year…


…You know what that means, Safety Harbor!


And back to school time brings quite a few changes to Safety Harbor!

So, whether you are preparing little ones for the school year ahead or readying yourself for the increase in traffic near schools, this edition of Advice from the Past is for you!


Safety Harbor Herald, 30 August 1963

Although this advice continues the seemingly endless scolding of Safety Harbor’s drivers, it is a good reminder to keep an eye out for pedestrians both big and small…especially those with backpacks and lunchboxes…

So keep our FUTURE CITIZENS in mind as you speed off to work or pop out around town. And make sure to smile and wave to our local crossing guards!

This Advice from the Past was brought to you by the August 30th, 1963 edition of the Safety Harbor Herald.

Secession and Supply Lines: Florida in the Civil War

Continuing our theme of Centennial Celebration exhibits, July and early August have been dedicated to the Civil War in Florida. Although most people are familiar with the Civil War, few are aware of how close it came to home for the early residents of Pinellas County.

From the Cow Cavalry to the some of Florida’s most famous battles, our Civil War exhibit put history on display!

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here are some fun facts to get you excited about our local history!

Even though Confederate General Robert E. Lee. surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant on April 4th 1865, Florida didn’t officially surrender until 22 DAYS LATER (April 26th 1865) when Union troops took over Tallahassee and immediately raised the U.S. flag!


An estimated 16,000 Floridians fought in the Civil War. Most were in the Confederacy, but roughly 2,000 joined the Union Army. Out of Florida’s 16,000 soldiers, almost 5,000 were killed during the war!


The Battle of Olustee lasted for 6 HOURS! It has been described as one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War. Almost 3,000 out of the 11,000 who fought were killed!


Museum Closure

Hi folks!

The Museum staff would like to wish you a Happy Memorial Day and let you know that we will be closed this weekend due to the holiday.

We will be back again on Tuesday and will be pulling double duty as both a museum and summer camp location for the summer!

Please feel free to come see us and stop in to enjoy the history and air conditioning!

Advice from the Past

We hear about it time and time again…accidents, frustrated drivers, confused motorists, etc.

Well, as it turns out, this is hardly a new problem for Safety Harbor. In fact, this edition of Advice from the Past is dedicated to our city’s trouble with drivers.


Safety Harbor Herald, 28 February 1930

Great advice to all! So the next time you find yourself angrily tailgating someone going the speed limit, remember that 40 MPH will still get you there faster than 25 MPH and that it is a lot easier to drive safely than to join the ranks of bad drivers in Safety Harbor’s past.

This Advice from the Past was brought to you by the February 28th, 1930 edition of the Safety Harbor Herald.

Museum Closures This Week!

Hello everyone!

We at the Safety Harbor Museum & Cultural Center just wanted to touch based with you and let you know about some museum closures over the weekend.

At this time, the Safety Harbor Museum & Cultural Center will be closed Friday (4/14/17), Saturday (4/15/17), and Sunday (4/16/17).

We hope that you have a great weekend and invite you to come see us next week!

Advice from the Past

As you start to plan summer adventures, it can seem like the world is at your feet. Just the same, the Safety Harbor Museum would like to remind you to travel and play safely. So, for this edition of Advice from the Past, we present you with some fire-themed Safety Slogans to live by from the Safety Harbor Herald.

Almost in honor of the fire that destroyed Safety Harbor’s Main Street, we could all stand to be reminded that…

“Picnic fires are lots of fun, but put them out when you are done.”

After all it is your patriotic duty to remember that…

“You don’t need to be in the army to protect your country; put out that camp fire.”

Wasn’t it Smokey the Bear that said…

“Fire controlled is friend indeed, uncontrolled, a terrible fiend.”

NOPE!¬†It was the Safety Harbor Herald! Nonetheless, we all have a responsibility to stop forest fires (and Safety Harbor fires) so remember…

“Smokers, be careful where you throw those stubs, and don’t be classed with arson dubs.”

After all…

“Fire – its cure is costly, its prevention cheap.”

So remember to let the heat come from the sun rather than a raging fire so that we can avoid rebuilding the city AGAIN!

This Advice from the Past was brought to you by the March 7th, 1930 edition of the Safety Harbor Herald.


Join Us For Our Very First Y’ART SALE!


After the great success of this year’s Bloom N Art Chalk Fest, the Safety Harbor Museum would like to invite you to join us for our very first Y’ART SALE & AUCTION!

Join us as we auction for an all out art sale! Not only will we be auctioning off the 8′ x 8′ vertical panels from Chalk Fest, but we will also be having an Art Rummage and sale Gallery with artwork by Dr. Frank Hubbard, J. Daniels, and our Bloom N Chalk artists.

Come try your hand at art with our Grapefruit Project Workshop and honor some of this year’s young artists with our Chalk Fest Student Art Presentation!YartSaleFlyer

Advice from the Past

Since we are officially enjoying “spring” in Safety Harbor, the Safety Harbor Museum thought it might be a good time to reach out to all of our green thumbs. So, for this edition of Advice from the Past, we present you with Farm Notes from Safety Harbor’s storied Safety Harbor Herald.

Although the paper’s Farm Notes section provides many pragmatic reminders such as…

“Onions require cool, dry storage.”

…it also reminds us about some of the little things that tend to slip our mind from time to time.

“A good time to clean out the hen-house is right now while you are thinking about it.”

It also provides farmers and gardeners with advice for being responsible tillers of the earth. After all, we can’t forget that…

“Soil should be regarded as a checking account – it must be added to if it is checked against.”

Furthermore, it reminds everyone about personal responsibility and minding their own business with the timeless adage that…

“While we are doing something about everything else, why not try our hands at cleaning up the fence rows on our own farms?”

…or perhaps it was something about not throwing stones in glass houses…

Just the same, remember not to let the past erode away with your crops this season! Come see us at the Safety Harbor Museum & Cultural Center to learn more about Safety Harbor’s past and centennial year!

This Advice from the Past was brought to you by the January 10th, 1930 edition of the Safety Harbor Herald.

Advice from the Past

As part of celebrating Safety Harbor’s Centennial, the museum’s staff has been researching various aspects of our town’s history. One of the things that we have come across so far has been snippets of advice from the past straight out of the Safety Harbor Herald.

So, in honor of remembering our history, we present to you some words to live by according the Safety Harbor of yesterday!

For those of you ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, keep in mind that…

“Nature made the only moonshine fit to use.”

For those of you who may be planning adventures or maybe just tend to get into a little mischief, remember that…

“Money will buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy spare parts for your body that are as good as the original ones.”

…and strangely along the same lines…

“Compensation can never take the place of a perfectly good arm.”

But most importantly, remember not to take yourself too seriously because…

“All of us are fools – more or less, but some of us insist on proving it!”

This Advice from the Past was brought to you by the February 21st, 1930 edition of the Safety Harbor Herald.

Museum Gift Shop

Since it is already feeling like t-shirt weather, we figured that combining comfort and history was a great way to show our Safety Harbor pride! So, if you consider yourself a Safety Harbor Native, come dig into history with us and pick up the newest addition to the Museum’s Gift Shop!


Showing your hometown pride during the Centennial has never been easier or more cozy!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, feel free to give us a call at 727-724-1562!